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    Privacy by Design. Big data. The Internet of Things. Wearables. AI. Online behavioral advertising. HIPAA. Data breaches. The privacy and cybersecurity lawyers at Hogan Lovells are trailblazers. We are involved in an ever-expanding array of matters at the cutting edge of legal, policy, and technical work.

    Our team includes a lawyer who was at the vanguard of creating privacy and cybersecurity as its own legal practice. A former Chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission. The first Chief Privacy Officer at a major corporation. And a lawyer who was instrumental in creating the original HIPAA regulations. We have team members with computer science and other technical degrees and experience.

    We counsel tech-sector titans in Silicon Valley and major financial services corporations in New York. The auto industry turned to us to help them develop “connected car privacy principles.” We recently handled one of the largest retail data breaches. One of the largest health insurer data breaches. And one of the largest hospital data breaches — all within a few months of one another.

    We are at the forefront of legal developments in Europe and around the globe. We help companies as they develop cutting-edge technologies or operate their businesses in new ways.

    Cybersecurity continues to evolve. Regulatory growth continues to explode. We have close connections to national and international policymakers. To keep clients apprised, our team publishes our Chronicle of Data Protection, featuring analysis of important developments in privacy policy, along with news bulletins for our multiple-retainer clients. We also offer our 24-hour global privacy hotline, in case of client data emergencies.

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