An integrated Regulatory Reporting solution

OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting strikes the optimal balance of ensuring regulatory reporting compliance, while helping to manage the inherent regulatory reporting challenges. Delivered both on-cloud and on-premises, we cover various types of reporting, including:

  • Financial (e.g. FINREP)
  • Prudential (e.g. COREP, BCAR, FRY-14)
  • Transactional (e.g. MiFID II)
  • Statistical (e.g. Economic & Financial Statistics)
  • Granular (e.g. GDR and AnaCredit)
  • Multi-dimensional reporting (e.g. SmartCubes for the OeNB).

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Streamline data quality management

Improve accuracy, timeliness, quality, and efficiency of your regulatory reporting processes. Delivered both on-cloud and on-premise.

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Integrate data

Provide agility in responding to unpredictable future change via regulatory data consolidated in one location.

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Limit exposure to regulatory change

Our team of subject matter experts actively monitor regulatory changes and provide updates within our Regulatory Update Service (RUS), so your reporting can meet regulatory requirements at all times.

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5 OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting capabilities
Discover more about OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting with our video that highlights its capabilities. We talk through its five-star credentials, integrated intelligence, risk calculations, state-of-the-art technology, and ability to serve as one regulatory reporting platform for all global jurisdictions.

Managing Regulatory Reporting challenges

Regulators are now focusing more on obtaining meaningful data assurance versus receiving static reports submitted by firms. The new rules mean more statutory and regulatory limits for firms to adhere to. As regulatory policy initiatives continue to evolve in jurisdictions around the globe, the volume, frequency and complexity of reporting that firms need to complete is increasing. We’re here to help you navigate those challenges and meet your regulatory requirements with confidence.

Need for in depth analysis

In Europe, the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD VI) and Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR3) are among the most important regulatory developments for banks, as are the UK PRA changes to the Basel 3.1 standards.

Compiling data across different data sets

The European Central Bank’s AnaCredit dataset requires huge attention to detail in the way firms compile data and weave it into existing credit registers.

Required consistency and collaboration across regulatory filings

Authorities are demanding greater alignment and consistency in regulatory filings which have traditionally been siloed across finance, risk and reporting.

Non-automated processes

Regulators are increasingly focused on regional and mid-size firms to ensure they have repeatable, auditable and automated regulatory processes.

OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting solution features

OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting is a software and service solution. Access our in-depth industry and subject matter expertise and award-winning technology so you can achieve regulatory compliance. This includes CRD V, CRR II and CRR III. Plus, leverage strategic insight to improve decision-making.

  • Compliance across many jurisdictions and countries

    Subject matter experts actively monitor and analyze regulatory changes in ~ 30 countries worldwide. So you can:
    • Ensure compliance on an ongoing basis
    • Report to multiple regulators
    • Use a standard and consistent data platform and reporting tool across multiple geographies.
  • Interface across locations

    Our standardized and flexible data model helps you to:
    • Create accurate and timely regulatory and internal reports
    • Harness financial intelligence across an enterprise, while maintaining the specific requirements of local regulators
    • Gain efficiency in the data management and IT space
    • Manage your work streams effectively via a common target to interface across a variety of locations.
  • Process large data volumes

    Our state-of-the-art OneSumX Regulatory Reporting engine provides:
    • Functionally superior configuration and processing capabilities
    • Grid and in-memory computing technology to keep financial organizations running at peak efficiency
    • Speed, flexibility and the scalability needed to process large volumes of data for the new data-driven regulatory regimes.
  • Data versioning and lineage

    • Full data versioning and data lineage from the moment a dataset enters the system until the final numbers are populated inside the submitted reports
    • Full data transparency and audit for users
    • Processing that preserves data lineage at each functional stage
    • Lower risk of reporting errors.
  • Flexible deployment

    • Our OneSumX solution can be deployed both on-cloud and on-premises
    • The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version offers the same functionality as the on-premises solution
    • Our single-tenant on-cloud solution frees up day-to-day operations such as platform management, software upgrades, testing and fixes deployment services.
  • Streamline data quality management

    Check and attest the quality of the data that has been reported with:
    • Reconciliation between ledger and subledger
    • Production of trial balances
    • Cross validation between reporting regimes and variances against institution-specific thresholds at a counterparty, product and report level
    • Manual as well as automated enrichments when data quality issues are raised
    • Configurable approval processes, a full audit trail and role-based security.
  • Strategic integration

    The integration of regulatory calculations, such as highly optimized regulatory capital or liquidity computations and regulatory reporting provides huge benefits. These benefits include:
    • High accuracy
    • Audit trail
    • Minimized adjustments
    • Minimum reporting time
    • Total cost of ownership.
  • Our unique Regulatory Update Service (RUS)

    • Covers regulatory reporting, accounting standards, risk metrics and business performance management
    • Continuous updates to regulatory content by our team of subject matter experts (former regulators, risk analysts and compliance officers) who actively engage with the financial market and regulators
    • Interprets regulatory changes and the impact on automation of regulatory compliance, finance, risk and reporting
    • Frees up your resources and reduces operational risk.

OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting SaaS solution

Deployment for our award-winning OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting solution includes options for on-premises or as SaaS architecture and can be integrated with OneSumX for Risk Management. Our enterprise software-as-as-service provides the secure hosting and support you need to navigate ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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Guarantee compliance

Stay current with the latest software advances and frequent new demands imposed by regulators.

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Lower costs

Maximum flexibility and adaptability means you can control and reduce compliance costs.

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Scale and save time

A safe, secure, flexible and scalable solution, managed by us, saving you time, effort and adding value.

Why choose Software-as-a-Service?

Receive all the benefits of functionally rich regulatory reporting software paired with our Regulatory Update Service (RUS). We provide the infrastructure and software required, and we manage the SaaS deployment plan. From installation, through to maintenance, upgrades and housekeeping.

Ease the pressure of regulatory mandates and limitations of legacy on-premises infrastructure. Our single tenant SaaS solution is hosted on trusted Microsoft Azure servers and the platform is fully managed with security and disaster recovery protocols.

Our Regulatory Update Service (RUS) includes multi-country coverage and expertise from local regulatory subject matter experts. Beyond this, our SaaS solution gives end-to-end regulatory reporting capabilities:

  • Installation and support
    • Initial installation of the OneSumX Regulatory Engine and country application
    • Upgrades and fixes
    • Technical and regression testing
    • Database housekeeping
    • Regulatory Update Service releases
    • Configuration changes with a UAT environment
    • Extended support services, including hardware and infrastructure.
  • Secure infrastructure and software
    • Guaranteed compliance with Wolters Kluwer and other vendors’ requirements
    • Windows Server, Oracle Enterprise Edition, Web Application Server and security software, all included
    • All technical infrastructure requirements for hosting the application are managed by us. This includes those related to servers, disaster recovery, high database availability and data security.
  • Hosting services and rich content
    • Our SaaS deployment model is a single tenant hosted solution
    • Hosted on Microsoft Azure servers
    • Platform management services include security monitoring and disaster recovery protocols
    • SaaS enables you to scale up or down as needed
    • Run the latest version of best-in-class software, customized to your needs.

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