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  • Unlimited practice exams work just like the NCLEX to increase your confidence
  • Detailed rationales for the correct and incorrect answers
  • Adaptive quizzes boost your understanding and commit the content to NCLEX long-term memory
  • Performance reports help you know where you stand and inform your study time

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Take a closer look at the technology that powers PassPoint to adapt to your every move.

Unlimited practice exams

You can take unlimited, simulated exams in PassPoint that work just let the real exam. Each test will be different, as it adapts question by question, just like the NCLEX. You can see collective exam results so you can benchmark your NCLEX success across multiple exams and know where to focus your study time. Spacing these exams out during your prep is also shown to commit the content to your long-term memory.

Know where you are every step of the way

Lippincott® PassPoint provides continual assessment so you can practice in areas where you’re struggling. We all tend to spend too much time on what we already know. PassPoint breaks down your performance across various categories and gives you an informed idea of what to do next.

Increase your confidence, competence, and endurance for exam day

We know getting ready for the NCLEX is stressful. The exams in PassPoint mimic the real thing in as many ways possible: they adapt just like the NCLEX, they include the same percentage of questions in each client need as the exam, you can set the same time limits, and use the same minimum/maximum number of questions. All of this along with detailed exam performance and ongoing feedback, give you the confidence you need, help you build your understanding, and give you the endurance to sit for such an important exam.

Getting you ready for practice

PassPoint’s 14,000+ questions link to evidence-based content for each answer. This means the explanations immediately link to content that nurses are already using in healthcare settings. Filling your knowledge gaps with trusted content is the best way to really learn the material, and help you become a safe nurse.

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20% off* promo code WEE004ZZ Our library of 14,000+ test questions adapts to your understanding of client needs posed by the real NCLEX exam. Powered by PrepU adaptive technology, Lippincott PassPoint will monitor your current learning level over time and—based on this information—tailor quizzes to help you advance to the next level at the right pace for you.

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