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Tracking what you learn in class

Our medical and PA student progress tracker allows you to check off in Firecracker the material you’ve learned in the classroom so we can stay up-to-date on your progress.

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A course to remember

To strengthen memory, Firecracker assigns you daily and weekly study tasks, with priority given to weaker areas and areas you’re currently studying in the classroom.

Screenshot of Firecracker board prep with diagnostic test and Qbank question

The final countdown

When the time comes, Firecracker will switch from courses to board prep, using diagnostic tests to assess where you still have work to do and Qbank questions to have you as prepared as possible.

Choose your path

  • Path 1: Master it all
  • Path 2: Focus on high yield
  • Path 3: Buckle down

Master it all

As your online study partner and digital tutor, we’re here to help from beginning to end. We’ll help you master your courses, while banking knowledge for exams down the road. Meanwhile, our recommendation engine will ensure you’re reviewing the right stuff, at the right time, in the right way to be best positioned for success. We’ll assess weaknesses in real-time, while also ensuring old material doesn’t get left behind.

Screenshot of a Firecracker lecture

Focus on high yield

There’s not always enough hours in the day. And we’re also not the type to say we told you so. So whether you want to focus on what’s most important, were a little late to get started, or simply can’t find the time to cover everything when time is of the essence, we’ll make sure you have a chance to master the topics that will serve you best on your exam.

Screenshot of Firecracker selection screen for all topics vs. only high yield topics

Buckle down

As your digital tutor, we’re determined to do everything we can to help you succeed—which is why we offer Dedicated Test Prep. So, when the time comes to really get down to business, we’ll supply you with weekly practice exams, board-style clinical vignettes, and hyper-focused remediation tasks to track how you’re doing in real-time and make sure you don’t waste a second in recognizing and shoring up weaknesses.

Screenshot of Firecracker remediation tasks breakdown

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