Firecracker arms your medical school faculty and students with the tools they need to succeed.

The foundation of Firecracker’s platform is our Access & Analytics component. This provides your students with full access to our extensive review and assessment content and an algorithm that has recommended over 280 million questions over the years. Faculty and staff receive a high-resolution dashboard that allows them to track student progress, identify at-risk students, and see how their students compare to their peers across the country.

Validated board exam outcomes year after year

Not only do our students perform better than non-Firecracker students on board exams, but those who are part of one of our institutional partnerships perform even better than those who purchase us individually on other tests, as well.

Comparative USMLE Step 1 scores





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Comparative performance on all test-style questions


Better performance by institutional students

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Our vision with Firecracker is to design an adaptive learning platform that can be used by students throughout each stage of their learning experience, starting with the initial exposure of content in their lectures and courses, continuing with ongoing review of learned material over time in order to ensure long-term retention, and culminating in the assessment of a student’s ability to apply learned material to increasingly complex clinical scenarios.

That said, we view students’ faculty as ultimately being best equipped to handle the first phase of this process—i.e. the initial teaching of material in lectures and courses. From there, Firecracker acts as an adaptive retention and application platform, picking up where faculty left off by assigning students daily review of their current course material and weak areas, and assessing them at the appropriate intervals to determine their preparedness for finals, boards, and the clinic.

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