Use the Advanced Search link to narrow your search to specific areas within Lexicomp. Once you click on the link, a new box opens with options of areas to which the search can be targeted.

Options include:

  • All Text – searches all text within Lexicomp
  • Monograph Name – searches for the title of the monograph
  • Adverse Reactions – searches the Adverse Reactions sections of the drug monographs
  • Contraindications – searches the Contraindications sections of the monograph
  • Charts/Special Topics – searches the content within the Charts/Special Topics section of the content set Drug Interactions – searches the Drug Interactions section of the monographs
  • Use – searches the Use section of the monographs
  • Warnings/Precautions – searches the Warnings/Precautions section of the monographs
  • NDC – searches for monographs using the NDC. This allows users to search for drugs using NDC numbers
  • Methodology – searches the Methodology section of the lab monographs
  • Pharmacologic Category – searches the Pharmacologic Category section of the monograph
  • Field Name – searches only the section headings
  • Drug Database – searches a specific database included in your license
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