What is IP Tools

What is IP Tools?

Kluwer IP Law

IP Tools are a facet of business intelligence designed to support the evolving role of the IP professional.

Feedback from IP professionals illustrate that there is difficulty in unearthing and determining key aspects pertaining to:

  • Prosecution
  • Litigation
  • Commercialisation of IP

Nothing that the challenges are limitless and differ on a case by case basis, in order to meet these needs, we have partnered with market leaders to bring you IP analytic solutions enabling you (but not limited to the following:

  • Identifying new or potential competitors and/or potential collaborators
  • Identifying opportunities for licensing or partnering
  • Building a picture of a company’s technology roadmap and the markets it is focusing on Identifying Commercial opportunities presented by expiration of patents

What is IP Tools?

What IP Landscape Topics are

IP Commercialisation

  • Quantify the value of your IP swiftly;
  • Obtain key data to ensure an accurate valuation of your IP from a multitude of sources;
  • Access to reliable and contemporary figures to maximize the commercial potential of your IP;
  • Determine the commercial value of your IP for various commercial/corporate ventures including franchising, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, assignments and ancillary transactions.
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  • Search and obtain reports incorporating salient data and information about competitors;
  • Investigate and analyse underlying technologies, licensing and transactions of competitors;
  • Benchmark accurately utilising data and reports relevant to your industry and applicable IP right;
  • Plan strategically relying on accurate company profiles and industry and competitor trends from a variety of sources.
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  • Quick and accurate information about a counter-party’s IP portfolio and commercial structure;
  • Gain an understanding and graphical representation of a counter-party’s filing strategies;
  • Obtain reports and information revealing a counter-party’s key technologies;
  • Assess the probability of successful proceedings from a holistic perspective from varied sources;
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Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Determine the feasibility of potential partners by analysing data and information revealing IP and commercial patterns;
  • View and analyse similar technologies and industries in a multitude of forms;
  • Obtain agreement terms and statistics about required technologies to ensure viable acquisitions;
  • Benchmark royalty rates and values speedily;
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  • Comprehensive particulars in various formats about a company’s IP portfolio;
  • Gain an understanding of a company’s acquisition strategy – jurisdictions/ filings / technologies globally;
  • Access to data and information about an industry;
  • Quick and accurate figures about required technologies from a multitude of jurisdictions.
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