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Accelerate your decision making with CCH Tagetik

"What's the impact on our EBITDA if we double the online business in Q1?" Answer this question in one click. Play out scenarios by changing drivers. Share reports with stakeholders. Drill into the operational information. Create models on the fly. CCH Tagetik gives you everything you need to evolve planning.
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Start your evolution today: CCH Tagetik Smart NOW apps

"I want to evolve but I'm too short on time and resources to embark on a large planning replacement project." Revolutions are made of small, smart evolutions. That's why we designed CCH Tagetik Smart Now cloud planning apps. These apps provide you with the intelligence of our planning expertise and the power of our leading platform — all in a pre-built, easy-to-deploy agile application. These plug-and-play solutions cover multiple planning processes including cash flow planning, HR planning, capital expenses planning, risk adjusted planning and driver-based planning.

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Best-in-class planning goes real-time: CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA

Data-driven insights that match your speed of thought. When the power of CCH Tagetik, your evolutionary CPM solution, is combined with SAP HANA, your evolutionary in-memory data platform you get in-depth planning insights in real-time. Imagine all plans were available in a single solution with one click. No magic wand, simply best-in-class solutions.

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Become the next planning frontrunner

"It's making the workflow process more efficient.”
“Now we budget at granular level.”
“We got a streamlined, automated and flexible revenue model. It’s double-entry helps you build the cash flow and balance sheet.”
“A fully integrated system makes finance independent.”
“It’s easy to use without relying on IT.”
“Everything you need for accounting and finance is right there.”
“We link operational data to financial numbers.”
“It’s a very flexible system and easy for every user to use.”
“We relying on our data partnering with a vendor that wants to develop what you need and not just what they want to deliver.”

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Simply input the numbers, push a button and instantly view the results. The solution is web-based with zero-footprint. 

Green Courte moved from Excel to CCH Tagetik.

  • Instantly refresh planning data
  • Plan in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Involve more collaborators in the budgeting process with multiple templates • Use a friendly interface that looks and feels like Excel
  • Improve the production of every weekly or monthly report
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Save 80% of IT costs for Finance. Improve efficiency by replacing legacy solutions.

Gasag evolved from a legacy system to CCH Tagetik

  • Streamline multiple planning and reporting legacy systems to one unified solution
  • Gain innovative functionality with long-term vendor support
  • Get a common data model for planning, reporting, consolidation and cash forecasting
  • Improve data quality and cost efficiency
  • Partner with a customer-centric software vendor

How to become a frontrunner in planning


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Automate workflow and collaboration

Spend less time on process management, and more time on value-added tasks.

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Simplify complex planning processes

Use advanced pre-built planning technology, and easily configure custom needs.

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Get deep performance insights

Access and transform granular data into actionable information.

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Align your organization

Complete strategic, financial and operational plans in one solution.

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