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ComplianceFinanceDecember 18, 2020

Successfully managing UCC filings in a world of non-uniformity

UCC forms are critical to a number of financial processes and several key distinctions and nuances can greatly affect your UCC standing. As a result, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about UCCs these days. Whether faced with the prospect of increasing interest rates, rollbacks of regulations designed to protect consumers or even difficulty in confirming identity of a debtor, the modern financial landscape is littered with potholes that can trip you up if you’re not careful.

Incomplete or inaccurate forms affect both notice and financial priority, and an error as simple as an unintended extra space can render the document ineffective.

The world of finance is fast moving, but fortunately there are ways to avoid disaster. By keeping an eye on certain guideposts, you can emerge from the chaos (relatively) unscathed.

Learn about different strategies to help you remain perfected and mitigate risk: 

  • Debtor and UCC monitoring
  • Search-to-reflect
  • Articles of incorporation search

Download this paper to learn about other strategies that will ensure your assets are protected. 


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