Professional Services – More than just a label
FinanceAugust 04, 2020

Professional Services – More than just a label

Read the blog to learn more on Professional Service, because they are more than just a label.

Nowadays there are plenty of companies providing Professional Services, especially when it comes to CPM Software solutions. Many software vendors that offer professional services, like CCH Tagetik, have their own consulting branch. Other companies, which are purely implementers, support their customers during software implementation projects.

The word that really groups all these companies together is “Consulting”. After working many years in this business and completing several projects across a broad variety of industries, I firmly believe that “consulting” is the key word to keep in mind for anyone working in this field or looking to become part of it. It is something here at Wolter Kluwer CCH Tagetik we take seriously and is our top priority that makes all the difference. Consulting requires listening and advising – similar to what good communication in a family looks like and hence why we like to call our client community our CCH Tagetik Family.

Working with many customers and different teams, particularly from Finance, their problems are often similar and I hear them saying: “We spend way too much of our time cleaning up data, entering numbers into spreadsheets, formatting reports. Performing tasks like that don’t add as much value to our business. We need to work more on performance analysis, what-if scenarios or gap-analysis”.

This is where we can help. Our products free up our customers’ time and give them the opportunity to complete activities that add greater value to their companies. To achieve this, we begin by asking our clients what they want to solve for, their pain points, and any process bottlenecks. Then, we listen to comprehend what they need. We can then guide them to the next steps which are identifying best practices, optimizing their processes, and giving them the opportunity to re-think how to conduct their business’ in ways that they can improve it in the future. Our technology is the key to taking clients’ processes to the next level but our real world consulting sets us apart. But don’t take my word for it! Below are quotes from customers that I worked closely with during recent consulting engagements.

“CCH Tagetik went above and beyond in their partnership with us. They listened to our needs and worked with us to determine the best solutions to address our gaps and improve our forecast processes. CCH Tagetik’s staff are knowledgeable and fantastic to work with (and even made the project fun)” Michelle Kalb, Director-Accounting at Principal Financial Group

“What impressed me the most during our implementation was the ability for the CCH Tagetik consulting team to listen to our requirements, understand our needs and provide different options for delivery. In many circumstances, the CCH Tagetik consulting team would make recommendations for a more efficient design or provide feedback on best practices in CCH Tagetik. This resulted in a more efficient solution that has proven easier to manage. The level of consulting support provided by CCH Tagetik post-implementation has been quite impressive, especially as we have worked through several post-implementation projects geared at aligning our country unit processes globally” – Larry Brislawn, Director of US Reporting & Control at Aegon Asset Management

“In our business, we add new branches very frequently and we needed a way to track entire project expenditures. CCH Tagetik has solved this problem without the use of spreadsheets. We can now report on what we’ve spent on a branch build versus what we budgeted for that project. Love it!” – Natalie Keyser, AVP, Financial Operations at Members 1st Federal Credit Union

We love when customer provide their perspectives. Click here to discover more about our CCH Tagetik Family and to listen to your peers providing feedback and best practices.

Andrea Martinelli
Project Lead - CCH Tagetik

Andrea is a Project Lead at CCH Tagetik with 6 years of experience. Andrea’s  professional experience encompasses many industries including Financial Services, Professional Services, No-Profit, and Manufacturing. He holds an advanced degree in Management and Industrial engineering and got involved in 20+ software implementations.

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