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Client Webinar: OneSumX Regulatory Reporting AnaCredit on the OneSumX Regulatory Reporting Engine

On-Demand Webinar

Date: 16 June 2020

Following the recent release of OneSumX Regulatory Reporting AnaCredit 5.0.0 on the OneSumX Regulatory Reporting Engine, we hosted a CLIENT-ONLY webinar to discuss the new functionality and greater scope of this new combination.

The session outlines how customers can leverage the superior capabilities, while experiencing a swifter installation management process, improved validation capability and better performance, in addition to accessing pre-existing proven functionality.

Program highlights:

  • Overview of the latest OneSumX Regulatory Reporting Anacredit 5.0.0 Release
  • Spotlight on capabilities
  • Demo of OneSumX Regulatory Reporting Anacredit
  • Next Steps (Upgrading..What users need to know)
  • Q&A
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