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ComplianceSeptember 30, 2020

On-demand webinar: Pre-merger planning, filing, and abandonment

In the second part of our series, you’ll learn how to help preserve the merger timeline, protect your client’s naming rights, and assure the merger is legally binding with meticulous pre-transaction planning.

Once your client’s merger, acquisition or restructuring is back on the deal table, organizing the pre-transaction planning into distinct areas will help you successfully navigate the complexities to ultimately effect a successful merger.

Topics covered:

  • Parties to the merger
  • Good standing status
  • Tax status
  • Naming issues
  • Jurisdictional requirements for surviving entities
  • Managing complex merger filings
  • Timing of filings
  • Merger abandonment

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Tamara Kling
Government Relations and Regional Attorney
Tamara Kling has been a Government Relations and Regional Attorney with CT Corporation for over 10 years. She works closely with state bar associations and government offices to implement changes in business entity laws.
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