Basel IV Canada Webinar
ComplianceFinanceJune 24, 2020

Implementation of Basel IV in Canada

On-demand webinar

Date: July 9, 2020

Join us for this Basel webinar to discuss how the Basel reforms will present significant prudential implementation challenges. These will cross traditional areas of responsibility within your bank, driving the need for consistent use of granular data and shared services. Basel IV represents a total overhaul of the existing Basel framework and creates an even stronger interdependence between the various risk types, exacerbating the need for a single holistic platform for automation.

Bart Everaert, Director of Risk and Finance at Wolters Kluwer will address the most common Basel compliance challenges and what it takes to transform to a Basel IV compliant financial institution. You will learn how to:

  • Combine data, calculations and reporting that can make a tangible difference in efficiency and effectiveness
  • Extract business value from Basel IV, and
  • Centrally manage capital and liquidity requirements for all legal entities in your complex consolidation structure.
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