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How to use Firecracker

3 steps to effective learning

1. Choose a topic

Firecracker has thousands of topics that cover the key facts pre-medical and medical students need to know. These subjects are grouped by categories and subjects. Keep clicking on categories and subjects until you find a topic you want to study.

Firecracker topic flagging screenshot

Click on the flag icon next to an individual topic to add related questions to your study plan. You can also click on the topic to review the material and then flag the topic by clicking the flag icon in the upper right of the topic page.

Firecracker topic flagging screenshot

Firecracker topic flagging screenshot

2. Do questions

You can start doing questions by clicking the Do Study Questions button located next to the flag icon at the top right of the topic page. You can always start doing your questions from anywhere on Firecracker by clicking Questions on the top navigation bar.

Firecracker "Do study questions" button

Firecracker Questions option from navigation

For each question, think of the answer in your head, or write it in the text box. Click the Show Answer button to see the correct answer.

Screenshot of Firecracker "Show answer" button

After reviewing the answer, use the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 buttons located at the right of the page to tell Firecracker how well you remember the answer. “5” means you remembered it perfectly. “1” means you completely forgot it. Hover over each number for tips on what each rating means.

Screenshot of buttons for rating how well you remembered the answer to a Firecracker question

3. Follow your plan

Based on how well you say you know something, Firecracker will recommend when you should review it again. We call these questions review questions. We determine when you should review something again based on what worked best for thousands of students like you.

Research shows that reviewing material over and over again at optimal intervals not only increases understanding, but also long-term memory. Our data shows that, for most students, the biggest gain in understanding comes after 4 reviews spaced out over anywhere from 4-18 weeks, depending on the material and their learning style.

Visit Firecracker on your computer or phone on days you have questions to answer. If you miss a day or two or ten, don’t worry! The questions you missed are called catch up questions and will be added to the next day’s review quiz. Click more options to specifically do these questions or other groupings (by topic, by range of days, etc.) in advance. Click here for great savings on Firecracker!

Screenshot of Firecracker personal study plan calendar

Flagging additional topics will add questions and over time you will build your very own personal study plan! And, the more you use Firecracker, the better it gets because we take your strengths, weaknesses and learning style into account in determining when we recommend you review something again.

Still have questions? We can answer them! Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-470-8018. We’re here to help you succeed.


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