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LegalNovember 20, 2020

ELM Amplify: Our annual user conference goes virtual!

ELM Amplify 2020, this year’s online user conference from Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions, kicked off on October 20 with a presentation from Jonah Paransky, Executive Vice President and General Manager. Jonah welcomed attendees, representing over 200 companies, who joined from the comfort of their homes and offices to hear from ELM Solutions experts, industry peers, and thought leaders to level up their legal ops.

Jonah talked about the challenges that both organizations and individuals are facing in this unusual year. Because of the pandemic, many of us have dealt with personal, health care, and work-life balance issues like never before. Times like these cause people to think about where they want to go with their lives and careers and how to get there. Despite the difficulties, however, this kind of environment can also provide opportunities.

For example, many companies moved to a work-from-home model very quickly, even some that had previously been reluctant to embrace new ways of working. This could provide evidence that change isn’t necessarily something to be reluctant about. With that in mind, organizations would be wise to consider how they can do more than simply get through this time but also look at it as an opportunity to improve. How? With initiatives that increase value and optimize cost management; by leveraging data for greater efficiency and better decisions; by managing and mitigating risk; in short, by driving better performance and outcomes.

Jonah went on to discuss some of the key areas where organizations can focus these efforts and how ELM Solutions is helping. Here are a few highlights:

Cost management: In the current economic climate, organizations have had to make cost management an even higher priority. ELM Solutions helps increase efficiency so you can get more done with fewer resources. Through automation, assigning lower value work to the right teams inside or outside of your organization, and using data and metrics to monitor performance, you can free attorneys to focus on the highest-value work and ensure your high standards continue to be met. ELM Solutions supports this approach with solutions such as Predictive Insights, LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer Expert Service and Data Service, and advanced analytics.

Risk management: More than ever, we need to be aware of the inherent risk within our operations, but many companies don’t have a centralized, searchable place to store and manage their contracts. CLM Matrix provides a best-in-class opportunity to manage contracts on a day-to-day basis, providing visibility and risk mitigation throughout the lifecycle of your contracts.

Diversity: Studies have shown improvement in the diversity of the legal profession, including increasing numbers of partners who are women, people of color, and women of color. At first blush, the numbers may even look impressive, but the improvements have been very slow to develop. ELM Solutions is committed to helping organizations build teams that are more reflective of the communities in which they operate. To that end, Jonah announced during this presentation that, as of now, our Diversity module is available in Passport® and TyMetrix® 360° at no additional subscription cost.

Change management: Organizations that manage change well are six times more likely to meet their goals. But change management is a challenging discipline. ELM Solutions is here to help our customers achieve their goals by offering the assistance of our Professional Services experts, helping bill review teams move to more formal outside counsel guidelines, and connecting you with partners who specialize in change management.

Customer experience: ELM Solutions has made investments in our foundational customer experience infrastructure, including upgrades to the tools and resources available for clients to interact with our team members. We have also used feedback from customers to help us build out effective client communities and improve our solutions in the ways that are most critical to your operations.

The ELM Amplify welcome session ended with a segment on innovation. Jonah announced the winners of our 2020 Legal Innovators award, which is given annually to ELM Solutions customers whose visionary approach and innovative use of technology set an example of legal operations excellence. This year’s winners are:

  • Dan Winkler, Leader of Claims Legal at Westfield Insurance, for leveraging data to build comprehensive law firm evaluations, improving outside counsel performance and relationships
  • Ron Denton, Legal Business Manager at Phillips 66, for process improvements that had a positive impact on the company’s litigation program
  • Mike Stein, Senior Project Manager at QVC, for maximizing the ROI of Passport and gaining a complete view into managing matters, e-billing, and contract management

Jonah led a panel discussion in which all three recipients talked about their winning projects and offered advice to the audience on how to keep innovating in legal operations. Watch the on-demand video to hear what they had to say.

Visit our event page to learn more and watch videos of any sessions you may have missed. Fill out the registration information or, if you previously registered for ELM Amplify, click the Already Registered button and enter your email address. Once you’ve entered the event page, click on Theater at the top and select Agenda C for a list of all on-demand videos. For this session, click the On Demand button next to Welcome to ELM Amplify.

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