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LegalOctober 19, 2021

Don’t miss: Guideline Benchmarking Analysis

We are running a series of brief blogs to inform you about the helpful, instructive sessions you can participate in at ELM Amplify 2021. You can attend our award-winning virtual user conference from anywhere in the world. Be sure to register here at no charge.

Do you have questions about your company’s billing guidelines and how to improve them, along with your outside counsel compliance with them? If so, our session Guideline Benchmarking Analysis: Best Practices for Effective Billing Guidelines is for you. Our experts will provide an overview of the LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer Guideline Benchmarking service and how it helps you increase the success of your billing guidelines.

You’ll see how your organization can achieve increased compliance, generate savings, and produce cleaner data that provides a more reliable foundation for your decision-making processes.

You’ll learn:

  • How effective guidelines improve your billing operations
  • The best practices for great billing guidelines
  • How benchmarking guidelines can help optimize your spend management program

Visit the ELM Amplify 2021 site to learn more about the varied and informative sessions we are offering this year at our online user conference. View the agenda, learn about our expert speakers, and register at no charge.

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