LegalAugust 26, 2020

How CLM Matrix helped Woodward, Inc. automate contract workflows to drive efficiencies

CLM Matrix has removed our manual bottlenecks and automated all of our approvals in line with defined policies and procedures. Additionally, the central repository has allowed us to easily find the information we need quickly.

Though the team at Woodward had a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution in place, user adoption was low. As a result, manual negotiation and obligation management drove inefficiencies and risk, and inconsistent contract storage practices caused difficulties in contract data extraction.

CLM Matrix supported the application of flexible end-to-end automation for the removal of manual processes and defined central storage to ease data capture. The Woodward team can now benefit from improved flexibility on an intuitive platform, automated contract negotiation and obligation management, and easier contract discovery and data extraction.

 CLM Matrix for contract management