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ComplianceJuly 29, 2022

A platform for digital transformation and growth: The next generation of digital lending

Expert insights on the journey to next-generation digital lending

Steve Bisbee, Senior Advisor of Applied Technologies for Wolters Kluwer and the founder of eOriginal, Inc., discusses digital lending transformation and how lenders and financial institutions can maximize their success in this new Expert Insights whitepaper.

Steve shares the history of digital lending and how emerging technology, and innovations, are shaping its future. Access the whitepaper now to gain insights that can help drive your journey to next-generation digital lending.

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Stephen Bisbee
Senior Advisor, Applied Technology, Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions
Wolters Kluwer’s eOriginal®
Fuel greater capital efficiency by transforming how digital assets are closed, collateralized, securitized, and sold into the secondary market
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