Webinar: The Domino Effect – Business Changes That Trigger A Compliance Action For Your Organization

July 21, 2020 — 1:00-1:30 PM ET

When business managers make changes for tax and other advantages, in-house counsel and those responsible for compliance need to be aware and take the right actions to ensure any new or different compliance requirements are met.

If businesses don’t keep their compliance up to date, the desired change may not take effect when and how the business wants it to.

This webinar will cover business actions that commonly trigger new compliance requirements, and what compliance managers need to do:

  • Name change
  • Adding or changing product lines
  • Expanding into a new state
  • Expanding globally
  • Entering into a merger or conversion

Your expert guide:

Sandra Feldman, Publications Attorney
Sandra "Sandy" Feldman has been the Publications and Research Attorney for CT Corporation since 1988. She closely monitors, reports and writes about changing business entity law issues across all U.S. jurisdictions. She has written extensively about corporations and unincorporated entities through books, white papers, articles, and seminar and webinar presentations.