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CCH® Learning & Development Academy - Experienced Staff

Online or In-person

This course covers more advanced and complex material, including such topicsas accounts receivable, inventory and debt. Learn how to refine your skills as anauditor by utilizing analytics, as well as looking at more complex ways to use dataextraction tools. Plus, experience how work is performed using select products of the CCH ProSystem fx Suite.

Type: Single-Client Training, Multi-Client Training, Multi-Client Training - Regional Onsite
Who Should Attend: New Senior/Experienced Seniors (18-36 months)
Advanced Preparation: Yes
Prerequisites Required: Yes
Prerequisites: School of Audit New Hire and School of Audit Experienced Staff Training or equivalent experience
Field of study: Auditing
Program/Course Level: Intermediate


  • Expectations of a developing staff, including taking initiative and asking questions
  • Case studies revolving around increased risk audit areas, including, but not limited to accounts receivable, inventory, accrued liabilities, and debt
  • Refining your skills as an auditor by utilizing analytics, specifically ratios analytics
  • Introduction to utilizing a data extraction tool, such as ProSystem fx ActiveData, to increase your audit efficiency and streamline your sampling and testing procedures
  • Advanced ProSystem fx Engagement functionality training, including advanced linking for ratios and classifications
CCH® Learning & Development Academy - Experienced Staff
Online or In-person
CPE Credits: 16
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