Through empathetic voice design and interactive phone calls, EmmiTransition keeps patients connected to your care teams.

And, with detailed reporting, it maximizes care management efforts, helping staff identify and respond to patients in need of their expert clinical judgment.


video preview - UAB Terri Poe
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UAB Medicine

Hear how UAB Medicine uses Emmi to achieve their population health and efficiency objectives including saved staff time, prioritization of patients who need more services, and reductions in re-admission length of stay.

“Our goal, from a population health standpoint is to keep the patient well at home. And Emmi has become our partner in doing that.”

- Terri Poe, DNP, RN, NE-BC Chief Nursing Officer,
UAB Medicine

To engage patients as they transition home, what if you could...

Provide individualized transition support at scale?

EmmiTransition’s specialized programs are designed for a variety of patient needs. They help you provide your patients with key self-management instruction, ask questions about their status, and efficiently identify those in need of more personalized contact.

Empower your patients to be active in their care?

EmmiTransition creates an ongoing dialog with patients and their Circle of Care. By giving them bite-sized learning about things like the importance of follow-up appointments, medication adherence, diet and exercise, and self-management tips and tricks, we alleviate much of the coaching burden for care management staff.

Monitor patient transitions to identify and help those at risk?

With EmmiTransition you will receive detailed reports that provide insight into how your patients are doing and flag those in need. This helps your clinical staff optimize their time and focus on those that need them most.


Partnering with patients to optimize care

EmmiTransition is designed for multiple learning styles in plain, conversational language and is available on the devices people already own.

It educates and motivates patients to take positive action, helping them stay healthy at home and avoid readmission with a mix of calls and digital experiences, including Amazon Alexa.

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