AI Reports give parties and counsel access to arbitrators’ track records on key issues, enabling them to make more predictable arbitrator appointments.

Arbitrator Intelligence Reports provide exclusive, proprietary feedback about hundreds of arbitrators on topics such as:

  • Document production rulings
  • The length of time of proceedings
  • The efficiency and fairness of case management
  • The arbitrators' questions during hearings
  • The quality of reasoning in the final award
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Why Buy Arbitrator Intelligence Reports?
  • - Narrow your pool of arbitrators
  • - Compare arbitrators on your shortlist
  • - Develop and validate chairperson selection
  • - Assess institutionally appointed arbitrators
  • - Gauge opposing parties’ arbitrators
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Why Become a Member
  • Members commit to share feedback in exchange for substantial discounts on the price of individual reports.
  • Membership is free of cost.
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