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Partnering with patients is critical for addressing care gaps and health blind spots - your quality performance depends on it. Connecting with patients to shore up those gaps is a specialty of ours.

Emmi’s interactive call campaigns reach people quickly and easily, collect critical information and connect them to services – improving your HEDIS scores, star ratings and quality goals.

Chart showing breakdown of Mammogram patient engagement metrics.
video screen - University Hospitals
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How Emmi helps University Hospitals

University Hospitals discuss how Emmi technology personalizes patient outreach and fosters new patient behaviors, which resulted in the increase in preventative screenings.

“We’re beginning to see changes in areas we care about like consistent screenings for health prevention and we’re getting an increased number of those screenings occurring.”

- Jeff Sunshine, MD, CMIO, UH Hospitals

How Emmi patient outreach works to reduce gaps in care

Our smart outreach campaigns help you target specific patient cohorts to close gaps in care. We do this in a way that goes beyond the traditional communication tools that schedule or send reminders. Our programs are uniquely designed to deliver compassionate outreach, with embedded education when needed, so that they encourage patients to take appropriate action.

At every step of the way, we work with you closely to align the campaigns with your institution's unique needs and provide detailed reporting to allow you to optimize your care team's activity.

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Emmi solutions enable healthcare organizations to build stronger relationships, enhance the care experience, improve health outcomes, and support value-based care initiatives, while increasing revenue and reducing costs.
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