Survey: Best practices for integrated virtual care

In recent years, healthcare delivery has moved toward a hybrid virtual/in-person model. While telehealth was barely used before 2020, new 2022 data show a mean monthly usage of 20%1. Considering recent positive regulatory decisions, it's fair to expect this number to grow this year.

In this context, digital health technology will continue transforming service delivery to meet the growing needs of patients and consumers.

In November 2022, we asked more than 1,000 US patients to share their thoughts on hybrid/virtual care delivery.

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“By integrating UpToDate and Emmi through Wolters Kluwer's content-as-a-service model, we offer the best digital healthcare backed by the latest evidence for clinicians and reinforced by digital programs for health consumers that go beyond the consultation.”

— Keith Algozzine, PA-C, founder and CEO, UCM Digital Health

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Patients and providers agree that virtual care has a place in healthcare, but there is uncertainty as to what that place will be.

As technology providers work to create powerful tools, we know that you may be grappling with how to:

  • Drive meaningful change in the virtual care delivery space
  • Prove and improve patient outcomes
  • Increase health equity and access

Digital Health Architect™ Consumer Education Suite aims to provide easy, flexible access to the tech-enabled content you need to help meet these goals.

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1. United States Census Bureau. Household Pulse Survey. Telemedicine Use. January 05, 2023.

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