Improved quality and safety yields improved patient outcomes and stronger financial performance for U.S. hospitals and health systems.

Improving performance is a shared mission across your hospital where many stakeholders play a critical role. While the industry has worked toward achieving a higher standard of care, value-based initiatives necessitate that strategies to improve patient care, safety and quality also move the needle on outcomes and costs. As a forward-looking healthcare organization, you recognize this as both challenge and opportunity. To meet the moment, you must equip key teams with the tools to consistently transform evidence-based guidance into practice, optimize workflows, analyze performance, and support greater collaboration to achieve your financial and reputational goals.

Clinical and Compliance Programs Drive Improvements in Patient Outcomes & Quality 

Here's how we're helping our customers:

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship - Optimize antimicrobial use and comply with regulatory requirements from The Joint Commission, CMS and NHSN.
  • Infection Prevention & Control - Prevent and reduce healthcare-acquired infections to improve outcomes and quality and maximize reimbursements.
  • Medication Use - Improve the effectiveness of medication use and cost containment to improve clinical and financial performance.
  • Medication Storage Compliance - Ensure medications stored outside of pharmacy comply with The Joint Commission regulations.
  • Opioid Stewardship – Improve opioid prescribing and safety to comply with The Joint Commission’s new audit requirements.
  • Sepsis Program Improvement– Detect and treat sepsis earlier to improve outcomes and reduce variability by ensuring CMS bundle compliance with SEP-1 requirements. 
  • USP Compliance - Achieve compounding confidence for USP <795>, <797> and <800>.
Steward Health Care Taps Wolters Kluwer Health for Solutions to Reduce Care Variation across 38-Hospital Network
“With Wolters Kluwer Health, we are confident our nurses and doctors are relying on the most current, evidence-based knowledge and technology that is optimized for their unique workflows. Across our population, our patients are safer as we implement tools to detect infections more quickly and accurately.”  

~ Dr. Joseph Weinstein, the Chief Medical Officer for Steward Health Care 

Standardizing Clinical & Compliance Initiatives to Improve Outcomes

Healthcare organizations' ability to maintain a high standard of care, quality and safety is challenging due to competing priorities and constant changes to regulations. Because of this, standardizing clinical and compliance practices, procedures and training across facilities is critical to reducing care variability that drives poor performance. That’s where Wolters Kluwer’s SoleSource surveillance & compliance solutions can help.

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Actionable Content 

Get real-time access to the latest evidence-based guidance across facilities via applications that support your programs. Identify opportunities to improve compliance or and patient care by making it easy for teams to follow the policies and procedures you have in place. 

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Proactive Monitoring  

Real-time monitoring of your compliance program and patient populations to improve performance and outcomes. This includes a central view of your programs, actionable alerts and evidence-based recommendations to team members that drive consistency. 

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Analytics & Deeper Insights

Transform patient data and clinician activities into actionable metrics that guide improvement strategies. Robust data visualization and turnkey reporting improves programs and keeps stakeholders—from leadership to inspectors—informed of progress.

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