Alt Legal available to Kluwer IP Law subscribers: Prosecution Meets Docketing
Wolters Kluwer is delighted to introduce Alt Legal’s modern docketing software to Kluwer IP Law subscribers. A combination of Kluwer IP Law & Alt Legal enables global IP professionals to streamline IP prosecution.

Alt Legal’s IP docketing software helps intellectual property professionals manage global trademark, patent, copyright, and other IP filings and deadlines. Kluwer IP Law subscribers now have direct access to Kluwer IP Law’s global expert content and analysis from their docketed matters within Alt Legal.

Kluwer IP Law provides comprehensive content in a range of formats relating to a particular country’s IP policies. IP professionals can use the Alt Legal docketing integration to develop an understanding of jurisdiction-specific filing strategy while managing deadlines in that jurisdiction.

Intuitive Design and Organization
With our new integration with Alt Legal, everything you need to manage your global portfolio is available at your fingertips and readily accessible. With just one click, you will have immediate access to relevant content from Kluwer IP Law, treatises, and other citations. Similarly, you’ll have immediate access to your Alt Legal docket from within Kluwer IP.


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Prosecution Meets Docketing


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