Gain control. Simplify complexity. Stimulate growth.

It’s time to get control and evolve your life as a strategic planner. Unleash your analytical potential by leveraging real-time answers into actionable insights. Get one single, finance-owned, unified application, and access to all your data, processes, plans and reports.

Say goodbye to spending your time on data collection, calculation scripts, and report maintenance. Start spending your time on value-added analysis, multi-variable scenarios and data-driven insights. Get an innovative, collaborative platform to evolve from database to data-driven planning and reporting.

Evolve your Planning and Reporting Process
How much of your planning window do you spend ensuring data feed accuracy, calculation integrity, and meta-data alignment? How long does it takes to get the required insight to meet your business objectives and successfully face competitive challenges? Think about what could happen if in the time you spend ensuring Chart of Accounts’ changes are properly reflected, you could be doing sensitivity analysis, global driven planning, or investigating “what if” and “goalseek” scenarios in your own sand-box.
Moving from database to data-driven planning and report will allow you to own the entire planning and reporting process, in a single financial intelligent solution, without depending on IT for maintenance and meaningful analysis. Get control and align your planning solution requirements on a platform that allows you to see, investigate, analyze, challenge, compare and control all your data. Empower your planning through data-driven decisions. Gain Control. Simplify complexity. Stimulate business growth. EVOLVE YOUR PLANNING AND REPORTING PROCESS, NOW!
Budgeting and Planning Demo
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Budgeting & Planning demo

Get the next evolution of Planning with CCH Tagetik Budgeting and Planning Software. Connect finance and operations. Plan more often and in more depth, to expand your insight, anticipate change and better predict the future.

Customer quotes

  • Aegon
Since implementing CCH Tagetik, we’ve seen significant improvements to several financial processes. We used to have to wait for data to complete one cost allocation. With CCH Tagetik, we’re able to feed data we need directly into the system. It’s shortened the process from 15 days to 3.
Larry Brislawn
Happy Customers
We’ve helped numerous well-known brands in their planning and reporting evolution projects from legacy solutions to CCH Tagetik including:
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