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How do EmmiEducate health education videos and content help build stronger patient-provider partnerships?

Sharing trusted information through EmmiEducate can increase productivity and efficiency of consultations, improve patient adherence to treatment plans, and generate better outcomes.

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Easily integrated with EMRs

We offer a wide range of one- and two-way integrations into your EMR–from flat files to HL7, webservices to SMART on FHIR for Epic and Cerner Millennium®.


Trusted content delivered your way

Evidence-based, professionally produced content extends the reach of your care team. API-based, easily accessible patient education videos free up staff time while aligning patients and clinicians on one source of information.

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Digital Health Architect

Hybrid healthcare is here to stay. Digital and telehealth solutions  in our Digital Health Architect platform include chatbots, patient portals and mobile apps to enhance the patient experience.

“This video helped me understand a lot more about my surgery and what to expect in the weeks and months to come. It also gave helpful ideas and insights into food and the changes that will take place after I return to eating food. Thanks for the security that my decision was the right one for me.”
– Patient on watching a Gastric Bypass Laparoscopic video
  • More language support than any other patient education solution, with leaflets available in up to 20 languages
  • 290+ compelling videos developed with a blend of art and science to create a more personal connection to the patients
  • Accessible reading levels, ranging from 4th to 6th grades, help to address literacy challenges
  • Content designed to support the teach-back method to improve understanding and communication
  • Streamlined medication leaflets to facilitate patient counseling at the bedside** 
  • 8,300+ patient education leaflets covering everything patients need to know, from conditions and procedures to discharge and medications

* cis.org and forbes.com
** Available only in US

Providing patients with educational videos and resources they can understand

Nearly 22% of the US population speaks a language at home that is not English (CIS, 2018), and more than half of US adults read below sixth-grade level.* Our editors and designers craft inclusive evidence-based content:

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