What happens if I don’t have an internet connection?

Kleos can’t work without an internet connection. Fortunately, there is now a wide range of options available to connect to the web: ethernet, usb, 3G, mobile phones, mobile tethering… There are more advantages in having SaaS than inconveniences.

What will happen to my firm information if I deactivate my account?

If your firm chooses to cancel its Kleos subscription, you will immediately receive a back-up file with all your information, containing both the information and all the files you might have used in the application. Once you download this file, everything will be securely deleted from our servers.

Can I make back-up copies?

Kleos makes those copies for you. We make full copies of all your data on a daily basis so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Is Kleos really secure?

We meet all the security standards and we can assure you that all your data’s security and integrity is guaranteed. Security is part of our agreement.

Which devices can I use to access Kleos?

Besides accessing from a PC (Only Windows OS), you can access Kleos from iPhone, Android devices or any tablet such as an iPad

How many updates does Kleos receive?

We offer two new versions throughout the year including all of the modifications our users ask of us. We use the feedback of our user to make sure our development efforts are on the right track.

What are the system requirements for Kleos?

For the complete list of technical requirements, click here.

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