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Tax & Accounting05 August, 2019

Why you need to embrace a modern workspace today

The workspace you create for your practice is crucially important to your success. It can impact the culture, productivity and efficiency of your practice and processes.

According to research we now spend 3,515 full days at work during our lifetime. With this much time spent in the office, it’s important that the workspaces you create reflect today’s energy and efficiency.

Why change?

Open plan offices and collaboration areas are the norm. Siloed cubicles, housing employees working in isolation, have been replaced to reflect the way in which companies now operate. The shift in workspace design isn’t just for the aesthetics. Modern workspaces have been designed to improve productivity, encourage collaboration and foster creativity.

New layouts also reflect the technology we have available to us as well as the type of work we now do. Many practices have already transitioned from having a team manually entering data to using the latest software to automate their processes. For example, integrated software can automatically link your client’s bookkeeping services to your central dashboard allowing your team to spend more time problem solving and advising and less time on data entry.

Futureproof your workspace

Using the latest technology can transform how efficiently your practice operates and reduce overheads, ultimately improving your bottom line. Below are the top five benefits of how the latest technology can transform your workspace:

1. Save on space

An unlimited amount of data can be safely stored in the cloud. The same cannot be said for physically storing paper records.

2. Increased efficiencies

If your practice still shares information via email, creating an audit trail can be an onerous task. By using the latest technology, such as CCH Document Management, all emails and related documents can be stored in a single, central location rather than spread across disconnected personal email inboxes. 

3. Save time on business continuity 

Fires and burglaries do happen, despite your best effort to mitigate the risk. Using the latest software with secure sign access details, you can access your practice’s and your clients’ information safely and securely using a security-enabled remote login from any device, anywhere.

4. Embrace flexibility

Research has found that 89% of employees state that remote working is their number one motivator to boost their productivity at work over financial initiatives. Do you have the right technology to accommodate the growing trend in flexible working? By offering your employees remote working for some of the working week, your practice can reduce the need for desk space while still maintaining productivity.

5. Keeping your practice compliant

Your company can reduce the risk of non-compliance with GDPR by using an easy to use solution, which has automated customisable workflows to control the flow of documents, and online user training to simplify the process.

If you would like to know more about how Wolters Kluwer’s CCH Document Manager can transform your practice, please book a demo here.

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