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Tax & Accounting09 May, 2022

The switching process: how accountancy practices can transfer to new software efficiently

When you make the choice to switch your accountancy practice’s software, you’ve undoubtedly factored the transition time into your considerations.

How long will the system take to implement? How long will the data transfer take? How long will it take to train up our employees to use the system? These are all legitimate questions that a practice will naturally ask, and understandably so. Moreover, the more applications that a practice seeks to implement, the more important these questions become.

In short, a switch should be swift, efficient and well-planned. The practice should understand what is happening at each stage of the process. Naturally, the end result must also be worth the effort.

So what does an effective switching process look like?

You’ll need a dedicated Project Coordinator throughout the project, if your practice is to complete a switch quickly and without hindrance. They should be prepared to recommend a process appropriate for your practice, including a breakdown of required steps and associated dates. They should also recognise that you’ll need a point of liaison throughout the switching process. It’s your practice; you’re entitled to ask questions if you’re unsure!

Once a schedule is agreed, the next steps are data conversion followed by the installation of your new software and database. It’s vital that communication between practice and project coordinator is consistent during these stages, so that all parties are singing from the same hymn sheet. This should be followed by a post-implementation review, to confirm the agreed deliverables have been achieved.

And after the switch?

A responsible accounting software provider will not leave the practice high and dry after implementation! It’s important that the provider can give training sessions and answer questions on any initial misunderstandings of the system.

The optimum scenario is a fully-fledged customer community. Joining such a community allows the practice to educate themselves and ask necessary questions with relative ease. Self-service knowledge base articles, e-learning and online support programmes are all effective methods of equipping that customer community with the tools to succeed using their new software.

Mobilising that customer community to interact with each other can also yield lucrative insights. For example, your new provider may be an expert on their own software, but not necessarily an expert on the key differences between their software and the software your practice previously used. Others in the accounting sector may be better-placed to answer such questions.

What’s the answer?

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK created the all-inclusive CCH Accelerate software bundle for a smooth and speedy answer. Comprised of various tried and tested CCH solutions, it provides the ideal springboard for a quick software switch. The bundle includes the following:

  • CCH Central
  • CCH Accounts Production
  • CCH Personal Tax
  • CCH Corporation Tax
  • CCH OneClick
  • 12 online training sessions
  • Four days of project coordination (approximately)

Bundled together under one price that includes the cost of implementation, these applications form a wide-ranging accountancy suite. In short, CCH Accelerate allows you to swiftly switch to a fully integrated system. It can help you optimise the client experience your practice provides, and free up your own time through automations so that you can focus on more complex vital tasks. Moreover, our employees work side by side with our customers so that your practice receives all the support it needs.

Wolters Kluwer have worked with accountancy practices across the UK for many years, and we know that switching accounting software is often a lengthy and bumpy process. Some practices decide that switching is too much of a drag to be worth it. CCH Accelerate intends to make the switching process smooth and hassle-free.


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At Wolters Kluwer, we believe and invest in technology that makes a difference – technology for the real world. Our CCH Accelerate software bundle is designed to transform your entire journey into a cost-effective and seamless end-to-end digital experience. To find out more about CCH Accelerate and the switching process, get in touch via the form below. It’s never too late to make the great switch.

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