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The Signature Series with Martin Bissett: The Diamond Standard

Wednesday 20th October, 11.00 am - 12.30 pm

In 2003, a book called ‘Firm of The Future’ (sound familiar) predicted how accounting firms would be able to be distinguished in the future by the business models. The ‘surviving’ practice would be a revenue-based Professional Service Firm and the ‘thriving’ practice would be a profit-based Professional Knowledge Firm.

18 years later, over 90% of accounting firms remain as Professional Service Firms due to a lack of economic imperative to evolve. Only now is the security of the gross recurring fee being challenged by technological advancements in delivering compliance work.

Join this highly engaging session with Martin Bissett who will share a model called the diamond standard and in this revelatory session, delegates will gain the following advantages.

  • the four types of ‘capital’ which are required by a 21st-century accounting firm
  • the models for professional service firms and professional knowledge firms
  • the ability to assess exactly where your firm is today and how to progress it to where you want it to be in a measured and manageable way

Let’s be clear, accountants have never ‘had’ to change, and you can stay as you are for years yet. This session is for firms who do not want to be seen as average or mediocre and actively WANT to become more valuable to their clients.

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Martin Bissett is the UK’s most published author on Practice Growth for Accounting Firms and his Signature series webinars consist of only proven and demonstrable strategies used in his consulting career by accounting firms throughout the world.