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The Signature Series with Martin Bissett: The Deadline Chasers

Wednesday 18th August, 11.00 am - 12.30 pm

One of those ‘things’ is how an accounting firm is always ‘too busy' to make progress, to develop the careers of their brightest and best future leaders, to increase profitability and to actually work ON their firms

There have been some firms of course, who have broken free of this compliance trap and have exchanged their lives of deadline chasing for ones where they spend their time creating improvement for their clients while exponentially increasing their own profitability as a result.

Join Martin Bissett for this highly engaging session where you’ll learn:

  • the typical characteristics of a ‘deadline chasing’ firm
  • stories from the road of firms who transformed themselves into value creators
  • the 8 steps that you MUST take in order to create this change for yourself

The Deadline Chasers is your ticket to an impact filled career and legacy.

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Martin Bissett is the UK’s most published author on Practice Growth for Accounting Firms and his Signature series webinars consist of only proven and demonstrable strategies used in his consulting career by accounting firms throughout the world.