Align Patients with Clinical Best Practices

Patients are the least utilized resource in healthcare. Their decisions are just as impactful as the care decisions of your clinicians.

At critical moments across the care continuum, aligning their actions with clinical plans of care can make or break your performance.

Only Emmi can bring the clinical expertise of UpToDate and Lexicomp to your patients – reducing the complexity of medical information and making clear their role in their care.

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Patient Centered Design

Improve your patients’ satisfaction and build their loyalty with tools and programs designed for patients and their families

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Measured Impact

Achieve measurable impact in reduced readmissions, increased staff efficiencies, and changed patient behavior

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Technology for Scale

Extend the reach of your care teams with interactive voice response call campaigns that foster emotional connections with patients

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Emmi Offers a Fresh Approach with Two Unique Strengths

With an interactive animation production studio that leverages both educational and behavioral science, we have harmonized what patients learn with the clinical resources your staff trusts in UpToDate and Lexicomp.

With technology-enabled patient engagement solutions, you can deliver targeted programs and campaigns at scale on their terms – helping your patients stay engaged and healthy, without additional staffing.


With thin margins, you need care delivery to be efficient and you need to maximize throughput. You need patients to schedule care, comply with instructions, and avoid cancellations. Emmi improves attendance, reduces education time and answers patient questions.

Alternative Payment Models

With the introduction of risk comes the need to drive good self-management. Emmi helps patients navigate the challenges and requirements of managing chronic conditions. Flexible, multi-modal options allow you to configure bespoke campaigns or deploy the tried-and-true easily.

Value-Based Care

Maximizing incentives and performance metrics is the name of the game. Whether it’s seamless scheduling of preventive screenings, vaccines and office visits; improved satisfaction; or personalized transition and at-home support; Emmi can be targeted at specific metrics – driving adherence.
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