Solutions crafted to change patient behavior at enterprise scale

Engaging patients requires more than reminders and information alone. Emmi delivers expertly designed communications to align patient action and behavior to solve business challenges.

Emmi was built on a core belief that people are the least utilized resource in healthcare. With the right tools and understanding, they could become active participants in their care and be mobilized to solve our greatest challenges.

We have a comprehensive, award-winning portfolio of solutions that help healthcare organizations reach and activate their patients - through episodes of care, across the care continuum and throughout their lives. As standalones or in configured combinations, what sets these solutions apart is their demonstrated effectiveness in changing behavior and motivating key actions across cohorts - like a virtual member of the care team.

We empower people to take an active role in their health.

It’s been our focus for nearly two decades.
Emmi enables personalized, dynamic communication through the care journey