Delivering Connected Experiences to Drive Specific Outcomes at Scale

We know that there are specific moments in a patient's journey when their active participation is most critical and most challenging. Emmi aligns patient action with key focus areas to help target efforts and results.

Whether it is managing a large population of patients, adapting to new value-based care models or addressing emerging regulations – to achieve success today, healthcare organizations need to effectively engage people in their health in and beyond the clinical care setting, throughout episodes of care, across the care continuum and throughout a lifetime.

We design the communications and content that connects people to their care and drives action.

Critical Ingredients to a Patient Journey

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Connected Experiences

Emmi allows for the easy configuration of multi-modal experiences to give patients an engaging path of communication over time.

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Content that Matters

The quality of the conversation is too often overlooked. Our focus on behavioral and learning science is the difference between delivering information and enabling action.

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You cannot measure what you do not track, and we track every interaction. As you seek to understand the people you serve, their interactive paths matter.

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More than Patients Alone 
While Emmi’s content is award-winning and has delivered powerful results on its own, it is also part of an ecosystem that can help you align decision making across entire care teams. See how the combination of Clinical Effectiveness solutions work together across a patient journey.

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