FinanceAugust 03, 2022

Supply Chain Planning Software: the ultimate buyer's guide

In this new guide, learn how to select the right supply chain software. Find out what foundational areas your Supply Chain Planning system should include.

Pandemics, conflicts, production facilities going off-line, stranded containers, sudden delays, and price hikes from suppliers: jolts to supply chains are coming in thick, fast, and in many unexpected forms. As organizations grapple with the fallout, many look to software to build resilience into supply chain plans. 

Determining the best software for an enterprise can be challenging, given the number of solutions and varying approaches to supply chain planning available. This buyer’s guide contains everything you need to know to choose a supply chain planning solution for your organization.

This buyers’ guide will help you: 

  • Assess the current need in your company for new or updated supply chain planning software 
  • Define your software requirements 
  • Make a business case for a new finance-forward supply chain planning system 
  • Identify a list of top vendors to explore 
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