Agile Auditing: Changing your Perspective on Audit Workflows
ComplianceFinanceTax & Accounting August 25, 2021

Enabling Constraints: Helping Agile Ways of Working to Stick

Let’s explore enabling constraints as a powerful way of making improvements and embedding more agile behaviors and habits. Better than that, behaviors that are self-reinforced by the value found in those new behaviors will stick and have longevity - avoiding “rubber band syndrome,” where things quickly return to the way they were before. Regardless of your role or maturity of agile ways of working, this session is for all levels of experience with agile. During the session, you’ll design your own enabling constraints, and explore the importance of systems and paradox thinking.

Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish between governing and enabling constraints
  • Design your own enabling constraints
  • Explore the importance of local context, systems and polarity thinking
  • Understand how best to get started

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