Tax & Accounting January 14, 2019

Artificial Intelligence – What’s in it for industry tax professionals?

You already interact with tools driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your day-to-day life. The virtual assistant on your smart phone, your fitness tracker, and the robot vacuum in your house are all examples of AI applications. Undoubtedly, AI will also soon impact your professional life. As the recent whitepaper The Age of Artificial Intelligence and the Reinvention of the Tax Function shows, AI holds the potential to significantly change the role of the tax professional in industry. AI has the potential to enhance the tax function in new and innovative ways The whitepaper describes some common challenges faced by industry tax departments and provides examples of the potential contribution that AI can make in addressing those challenges. In particular “AI tools have the potential to improve the quality and accuracy of tax results and provide unparalleled insights for decision-making.” The tax function of the future is agile and far-sighted AI will help the tax function move beyond compliance challenges and open the door for the ability to generate intelligent insights to develop innovative solutions that can help the business stay ahead of challenges. Download the whitepaper now to read more about what the future may hold for the corporate tax function.
Linda Churchman
Marketing Content Manager

Linda Churchman is Marketing Content Manager at Wolters Kluwer.

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