In a world of constant change and growing complexity, developing organisational resilience — including leadership and employee and client relationships — is critical for the future.

Each individual or organisation reacts differently to change. Anticipating the unexpected, dealing with aspects you can control and putting in place a plan means you’ll be better prepared when something does happen. Building resilience can involve profound personal or organisational growth, which enables long-term adaptation to cope with other adverse events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the most severe economic downturn many of us have ever experienced. Our responses will lead to deep changes across the whole of society for years to come.

Stand strong: How to build a resilient Accounting Firm

Developing personal and organisational resilience is critical for the future. But how do you gauge the resilience of your firm?

Stand strong: How to build a resilient Accounting Firm includes a checklist of resilience indicators and explains how organisations can build and strengthen resilience.

With the disruptions and challenges accounting firms face today, business-as-usual is no longer an option. Discover how the combination of knowledge and technology is critical to withstanding crises, to taking advantage of opportunities and gaining competitive advantage for the future.

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