Is your company ready for IFRS 17?

Considered one of the significant changes in insurance accounting, IFRS 17 requires a deep understanding of the industry and its’ technical aspects. This complex standard proves to be a challenge to the insurers, so it is critical to take the necessary steps to ensure you are knowledgeable and fully equipped in your compliance setup.

Here’s a 5-minute on-demand video where we interviewed Kenny Tan, CFO of AMGeneral Insurance, one of the largest motor and general insurance companies in Malaysia, to share their company’s journey using Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik for their IFRS 17 compliance.

You will learn:  

  • Key factors considered in choosing their IFRS 17 compliance software
  • How CCH Tagetik helped simplify the complexity of the standard
  • What to do with the postponement of the effective date

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