Take your desktop tax data to the cloud with CCH iQ Connector and leverage the power of client match. With CCH iQ Connector, your systems will continuously sync to automatically identify impacted clients with real industry or legislative events to generate business opportunities for your firm.

Why do I need CCH iQ?

All accounting firms have years of historical tax return data that is a goldmine of information to truly profile, segment and identify opportunities within your client base. With CCH iQ we have built a solution that enables firms to use that tax data for more than just the traditional compliance work, it leverages purpose built software to connect en-mass, clients to industry and legislative events that could impact them.

Not only does CCH iQ open up a world of new business opportunities for you and your clients, but it does so in a resource efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

So how does CCH iQ Connecter work?

Talking to our customers we understand not all firms have the luxury of being on systems that are all interconnected. However we don’t want that to stop you from leveraging the power of CCH iQ to build your firm and grow your client relationships, so we built the CCH iQ Connector.

The CCH iQ Connector takes the tax return data from your desktop tax preparation software* and syncs it to the CCH iQ application to enable the client match functionality.

The CCH iQ Connector ensures that as you finalise your tax return data, this is being continuously synced with CCH iQ events to perform the client match. From here your firm has access to the rest of the CCH iQ features. This includes practical tools to help you communicate the impact of these events to your clients such as letters, worked examples, checklists and calculators.

*Contact us to find out which desktop tax preparation software works with CCH iQ Connector.

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How has CCH iQ helped other firms?

We can list the benefits of CCH iQ all day long, but we understand there’s nothing quite as impactful as hearing directly from other firms of their real examples. Learn how they have used CCH iQ to create opportunities for their firm and their customers.

  • Greenview Accounting Group
  • Thompsons Australia
  • Wise Accounting
Unless we have access to time to identify what is relevant for our clients we lose touch with them very quickly – compliance can be simply overwhelming. We believe that CCH iQ will be the filter that we need to ensure that we match events and potential impacts to specific clients – automating the compliance regime even further. This will benefit their business and, in turn, our business and I expect to see that this generates new business opportunities for us all.
Tracey Amott
Previously it was a challenge to come up with enough relevant content and CCH iQ has helped immeasurably. I can now search topics and commentary, access what is relevant at that moment in time for clients and grab what I need.
Greg Thompson
CCH iQ really legitimised the difference between Wise Accounting and a general accounting firm. Premium service is paramount for us and CCH iQ lets us easily automate actionable events in an easy to read format to our clients within 48 hours. We aim to be, and thanks to iFirm iQ believe we are certainly more proactive as opposed to reactive with our approach to accounting and advisory services.
Tyler Wise
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