Access over 130,000 ATO PBR within a user-friendly search platform

Why do you need the PBR Finder?

Our Private Binding Rulings (PBR) Finder gives you access to over 130,000 ATO PBR within a user-friendly search platform. Built seamlessly into the CCH iKnow platform, this tool allows you to easily access the practical content you need to manage your business effectively.

We know you’ll love this feature and our market research agrees:

  • 44% of respondents currently use private Binding Rulings on a regular basis, ranging from daily, weekly or monthly, however;
  • More than half of respondents indicated that Private Binding Rulings are not easy to find
  • Over 47% of respondents also want a Private Binding Rulings search solution that would be integrated with their existing tax content subscription for the ideal experience
  • Our customer testing showed that the CCH iKnow PBR Finder transformed their usual search process from hours to minutes

Be precise: Find the right PBR so you’re confident to use this as a resource in solving complex client issues
Be fast: User-friendly search built to save you time so you can focus on creating more billable hours
Be seamless: All the content and tools you need in your workflow are integrated into the one platform

How does the PBR Finder work?

Private Binding Rulings can be an essential reference tool in resolving complex client issues, however using the traditional search method they are hard to locate based on relevancy, currency and accuracy. The PBR Finder is a sophisticated search platform that has been designed to combat these issues. It will enable you to quickly search the ATO’s 130,000+ private Binding Rulings by a number of search filters so you can quickly find the relevant ruling you’re after.

You can search the PBR Finder by key words or ruling number and then refine your search by most relevant, date, BIC Codes or tax entity. The search results page is formatted so that you can see at a glance which ruling is relevant to your search.

In addition, the PBR results are enriched with links back to the relevant CCH iKnow content, such as source material, cases and practice tools, so you have all the tools you need to confidently and quickly resolve any client issue.

What is a Private Binding Ruling?

A private ruling is binding advice from the ATO that sets out how a tax law applies to a taxpayer in relation to a specific scheme or circumstance. It legally binds the ATO if it applies to the taxpayer and the taxpayer relies on it. Private binding rulings are commonly used by accountants looking for fact patterns that may relate to a complex client issue. It’s then either applied as the basis for a statement of advice or to determine if they need to apply for their own ATO Private Binding Ruling for their client.

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