Tax & AccountingJune 24, 2020

Payroll Tax – Contractor Payments, are they in or out?

Whether to include or exclude contractor payments is one of the greyest areas of payroll tax. Need some clarification? This session is for you.

An error consistently made by businesses is that they automatically exclude contractors from their calculation of payroll tax without the right substantiation. Many contractors have been found to be deemed employees or even employees at common law during State Revenue audits.

This webinar focuses on the liability of contractor payments and considers the various grounds for exclusion where an exemption may apply and what records you can use to prove it. Case studies and examples will be provided to help you gain a more practical understanding of how the payroll tax contractor provisions operate.

Webinar Learning Outcomes:

  • State Revenue offices’ approach to contractor payments
  • Types of contractors and their classification
  • Employee vs contractor analysis
  • Contractor exemptions
  • Substantiation and record keeping
  • The treatment of GST
  • Industry-based percentage deductions
  • Employment agency provisions – What’s the difference?
  • Assistance available

Suited to:

All industries and businesses that engage contractors, especially businesses that are heavily reliant on the use of contractors or sub-contractors to perform their day-to-day functions.

This session is suitable for accountants, solicitors, tax agents, bookkeepers, payroll managers, payroll clerks, CFOs, and directors.

Payroll tax generally applies to businesses whose total Australian wages including contractor payments exceeds the tax-free threshold of a particular state where they employ.

Level: Advanced

Presenter Bio:

Andrew Fricot is the founder and director of Payroll Tax Solutions Pty Ltd. He has a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Finance and has over 15 years professional experience working in the field of payroll tax and other state taxes, grants and rebates.

Andrew has fine-tuned his knowledge working in both the public and private sectors. The majority of his experience has been as a key payroll tax spokesperson and advisor for Revenue NSW (formerly NSW Office of State Revenue) offering education and technical advice to accountants, solicitors, bookkeepers, payroll managers, directors and CFOs.

You will be provided with:

  • PowerPoint presentation slide deck
  • Supporting documentation
  • Webinar Recording to view multiple times for up to 6 months
  • Q&A Session and the presenters contact details for follow up questions
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