Tax & AccountingJune 24, 2020

How to avoid ‘Popular’ SMSF compliance breaches

Keep on top of what to look out for with your SMSF clients or pay the price.

There is nothing worse when an SMSF is being audited to receive a shock from the auditor that the fund has serious compliance breaches. Preparation and planning by advisers or fund trustees is essential to make sure that these shocks do not occur or are understood well in advance.

Recent changes to the law and concerns by the ATO over the past year have meant that greater vigilance is required to ensure the fund remains compliant. This webinar will cover the more common potential compliance breaches for SMSFs, including: 

  • Requirements for an investment strategy,
  • Non-arm’s length income and expenses,
  • Fund trusteeship and the fund’s trust deed, and
  • Documentation to keep the auditor happy.

Case studies and practical tips will be provided to help you in understanding the issues and problem solving.

Webinar Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify weak points in the administration of SMSFs
  • Understand how compliance issues with SMSFs can be corrected to the satisfaction of the fund’s auditor
  • Recognise the most common breaches of the superannuation and put in place a compliance plan *before they occur.

Suited to:

SMSF advisers, accountants and professional advisers who have sound experience with SMSF administration and advice.

Presenter Bio:

Graeme Colley is the Executive Manager, SMSF Technical and Private Wealth at SuperConcepts. In that role his responsibilities include the provision of technical and education services to private wealth clients, maintaining the company’s media and corporate profile and its advocacy with government.

Graeme has considerable taxation and superannuation experience gained from senior positions in the ATO, as an Assistant Commissioner of the Insurance and Superannuation Commission, ING as well as leading fund managers and consultants. He is a joint author of the CCH Master Financial Planning Guide.

You will be provided with:

  • PowerPoint presentation slide deck
  • Any Supporting documentation
  • Webinar Recording to view multiple times for up to 6 months
  • An opportunity to ask questions to the presenter
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