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My challenge was staying up to date with significant changes in trust law and accessing trust precedents 24/7 to better prepare for a fiduciary trustee role.


With the recent reforms to trust laws in New Zealand, it has never been more critical to understand the roles and responsibilities of a Trustee. Vastly increased regulatory requirements bring with them a new level of disclosure and trust obligations. On the increase are trust disputes with more cases than ever ending up in court.

Responsible for several trusts in New Zealand, Mihiteria King believes it is vital Trustees stay up to date with any updates in trust law and further validate the actions they undertake daily in their role.

Acknowledging recent watershed changes for New Zealand trusts saw Mihiteria search for a solution that could provide the training and insights on navigating through any updates – in an easy to use and understand solution.

After borrowing a book on trust precedents from my library, I realised there had to be a better way – a more efficient way – to stay up to date with what would happen in 2020. That’s when I came across CCH Learning online, and I realised the educational webinars on trust changes were exactly what I needed. It really was a game-changer for me.

Choice and value lead to success

For Mihiteria, it has been the comprehensive range of topics from experts in their field that has delivered significant benefits. Having the sole trader discount applied to her account delivered a better return on her investment as well. She noted: “I wasn’t sure if the sole trader discount applied to me and was delighted to find out in a call that it did. The support and customer service I received to log on and navigate through the administration and course selection was outstanding."

A comprehensive range of topics

“Since September 2019, I have attended several webinars around trusts, litigation, tax updates and understanding how regulator changes will be applied in real life. Having access to expert insights and precedents means it takes any potential for misinterpretation out of my role of a trustee. I seek certainty and accuracy in all that I do, and I take my role of Trustee very seriously. Best practice is always what I aim for,” she outlined.

To date, Mihiteria has completed multiple webinars within the Trust Series 2019, Trust Series 2020, 2020 Tax Update, Practical Trusteeship 2020, Death of a Taxpayer 2019 and Recent Trust Cases 2018.”

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