Dedicated to helping healthcare professionals improve the quality of care and clinical productivity through HIS-integrated drug information to help improve efficiency and optimize your clinical workflow application. Lexicomp content and Medi-Span data integrate easily into key Meditech workflow functions to provide intelligent, effective drug information solutions for all clinicians.

Lexicomp Drug Reference Information in Meditech®


  • Meditech users can integrate Lexicomp Online drug information references into Meditech functions and routines via HL7 Infobutton
  • The hospital is required to contact Meditech and open a TASK with its PWM (provider workload manager), indicating that the hospital is ready to set up Infobutton
  • Personalized customer service with expert technical support is available post-implementation

Drug information linking

  • HL7 Infobutton one-click, direct access to drug reference and clinical information about medications can appear in the following Meditech functions:
    • Problem List
    • Ordering screen in Provider Order Management
    • Reconcile Meds routine in Ambulatory Order Management
    • Certain Allergy Management routines
    • Various panels on the Enterprise Medical
  • This functionality allows a user to right-click on patient-specific Allergy, Laboratory test/result, Medication, and Problem data elements and search for referential information found in Lexicomp Online
  • Infobutton links can point users to any of the Lexicomp Online clinical databases including adult drug information, pediatric drug information, information customized to your hospital's formulary, and more
  • Patient Education, featuring content from Lexicomp and UpToDate, is available via HL7 Infobutton:
    • Leaflets are at a 5th-to-7th-grade reading level and some include high-quality illustrations
    • Over 3,200 leaflets on medications available in 19 languages
    • Over 3,600 handouts on conditions, procedures, discharge instructions and healthy living available in up to 19 languages (all in English and Spanish)
    • Customize leaflets with patient- and hospital-specific information


  • The Clinical Drug Information publishing model of concise, clear, relevant drug information helps clinicians find the answers they are seeking faster than using encyclopedic resources—although Lexicomp Online still provides access to a deeper dive into research-oriented details when more information is required
  • No updates or downloads required, as Infobuttons within Meditech functions take users directly to Lexicomp Online, a Web-based resource updated on an ongoing basis
  • Supports Meaningful Use requirement of using Context Aware Knowledge Retrieval HL7 standards (Infobutton) for retrieval of reference information and patient education


  • Hospitals must be on version 5.66 or 6.07 for the inpatient setting (Client Server, Magic, or 6.X) and have a subscription to Lexicomp Online

Medi-Span Embedded Drug Data in Meditech®

Your resource for drug allergy, interactions and duplicate therapy screening


  • Implementation during initial system setup is managed by Meditech
  • Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information works directly with clients post-implementation to provide data-related technical support and expertise
  • Web delivery download of data
  • Content updated monthly

Meditech functions supporting Medi-Span integration:

  • Pharmacy management functions
  • Physician order entry

Available Medi-Span databased, modules and services include:

  • Formulary maintenance
  • AWP pricing data
  • Drug interaction and allergy screening
  • Duplicate therapy screening with duplication allowance
  • Patient Teaching Drug Monographs (patient education) in English or Spanish
  • IV compatibility checking
  • Advanced drug dosing
  • Dose range checking for adult, pediatric and geriatric dosing and duration of therapy
  • Conflict screening for age, gender, diseases, pregnancy, and lactation
  • Mapping of Medi-Span codes to RxNorm to promote interoperability


Supports meaningful use

  • Medi-Span data provides screening functionality required by Meaningful Use and beyond, including drug-drug interaction, drug-allergy interaction, drug-disease interaction, duplicate therapy screening, and dose range checking
  • Files that map Medi-Span concepts to RxNorm help support Meaningful Use requirement of RxNorm as a common vocabulary representing medications and medication allergies for transitions in care

The Medi-Span GPI advantage

  • The Medi-Span proprietary Generic Product Identifier, or GPI, is a unique concept with a long-proven track record that identifies drug products by a hierarchical therapeutic classification scheme
  • The 14-character value of a GPI defines pharmaceutically equivalent drug products having the same active ingredients, dosage form, strength or concentration, route of administration, and therapeutic use
  • This structure allows for the creation of complex drug lists with any level of granularity
  • The level of specificity inherent in the GPI makes it ideal for reviewing and screening data in a clinical setting

Helps combat “alert fatigue”

  • Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information consults with Meditech to customize filter settings on EMRs. This helps customers develop intelligent ways to address alert fatigue through more effective alert screening and alert management
  • Alert management functions are integrated within Meditech, eliminating the need for a separate maintenance system

Learn about advanced alert control functionality available through Medi-Span Clinical.

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