Get effective, personalized, and scalable member care management with Emmi

Reduce costly hospital stays and unwarranted medical spending while empowering members to better manage their own care decisions with Emmi, a smart automated solution for healthcare payers.

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Working with members to optimize their care
Backed by a unique blend of human-centered design and behavioral science, Emmi’s AI-driven, digital solutions are designed to meet the care needs of diverse member populations where, when, and how they want to be engaged.

Improving care management for 20 years

For nearly 20 years, payers have used Emmi to strengthen customer relationships and to measurably improve care management and operations by using industry-leading programs that combine trusted content with trackable behavior-based delivery across the entire member journey.
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Scaled care management

Extend care management efforts to bridge care gaps, promote appropriate utilization, and increase member confidence and engagement with a cloud-based suite of solutions without adding infrastructure or operational resources.

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Personalize experiences

Offer more personalized, yet consistent, multi-channel experiences based on members’ preferences thanks to Emmi’s decades-old expertise and trusted, evidence-based programs.

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Effective care management

Harness the power of reporting to see which member nudges and engagements led to appropriate actions, and estimate financial return and quality impact on care transitions, interventions, and population health campaigns.

I will implement my plan at a faster rate. The Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) support programs have provided additional information on what I can do as someone who is in trouble. It provides empowering information.
— HCSC Member (BCBS is a division of HCSC)
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Hear Priority Health discuss how Emmi meaningfully reaches patients, resulting in changed patient behaviors and saved staff time

As a health plan, it’s critically important to us that we engage our members in ways that are meaningful to them. What we’re really trying to do is ensure that patients have the information that they need to be informed decision makers. Emmi provides us with a user-friendly tool that patients and their families can use any time, anywhere to help them make those decisions.

- John Fox, MD, MHA
Priority Health, Associate VP of Medical Affairs
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