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Digital and virtual health is growing exponentially, and it's changing how providers interact and engage with patients. This means that digital health platforms not only need innovative solutions and advanced technology, they must have trusted and engaging content to enrich and give purpose to the interactions they support. Additionally, it must be integrated into existing clinical workflows and systems and easily shared with patients.

Digital Health Architect provides you all that and more.

Our content for patients is engaging and robust, so you communicate more effectively. It empowers patients to take a bigger role in their care which improves outcomes. And it brings real value to your platform while increasing clinical effectiveness.

Our content can be easily embedded into virtually any communication stream, making it easy for you to deliver seamless, multi-modal experiences.

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Digital Health Architect video
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Digital Health Architect
Watch Yaw Fellin, VP, Product and Solutions, discuss how Digital Health Architect is enabling customers like Doximity to provide high quality telehealth experiences using evidence-based content from UpToDate, Lexicomp, and Emmi.

Get started quickly with flexible delivery and developer tools

We provide a variety of content sets for you to choose from to meet the needs of your stakeholders and patients.

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We enable you to get the most out of our content:

  • Content is delivered through web services and APIs for easy integration and provides flexibility in how the content can be presented in your user interface.
  • Technology-enabled delivery includes content mapped to standard medical terminologies and meta tagged for just-in-time retrieval.
  • A dedicated implementation team consults with you to enable efficient implementation.
  • Our clinical, domain, and product design experts support implementation by consulting on the selection, mapping, and optimization of asset deployment.
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