Finanzen 13 Mai, 2019

Bereiten Sie sich mit CCH Tagetik auf SAP HANA auf die Zukunft vor

Erhalten Sie durch CCH Tagetik die ulimative Performance in einer einheitlichen CPM-Lösung, die als "powered by SAP-HANA" zertifiziert ist, die in-memory Plattform für Echtzeit-Reporting und Analysen verwendet und die Basis für AI bildet.
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CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana is the trusted SAP-centric solution from Wolters Kluwer and carries the coveted distinction: it's certified "powered by SAP Hana."Here's how it works.

Our Finance Transformation Platform goes beyond basic CPM.

It unifies our powerful data engine — the Analytic Information Hub — with financial consolidation, budgeting, planning, and reporting processes in addition to regulatory, profitability analysis, and advanced analytics.4aThe benefits? By using this revolutionary solution, you'll gain insight, direct your business, and create value for finance.Unlike other systems, CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana allows you to work with more than financial data alone: it centralizes high-volumes of financial and operational data in its unified platform.

By connecting finance and operations in a single trusted solution, you'll get a faster close, in-depth planning, and more time for analysis.So you can stay agile, our solution has built-in financial intelligence that finance can easily own and maintain — no IT intervention needed.

9aThese features enable finance to drive strategy and improve business partnering on their terms, and the benefits don't end there.

Lower Your TCO.

Our extensive platform improves your ROI and lowers your total cost of ownership.

How? Data from every application data and department — company-wide— lives in CCH Tagetik's trusted source.

11aBy unifying data from existing applications in this way, you use that data to its full potential, while getting 360° picture of your organization's performance.Real-time Reporting and Fast Processing Get results faster.

CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana uses in-memory technology, which results in high-performance and high-speed data processing.

This enables instant data access, real-time reporting and analysis, and predictive and prescriptive forecasting, all while leveraging the SAP Hana product stack.Intuitive Interface.Eliminate the learning curve.

CCH Tagetik's intuitive interface and personalized design14ais accessible on a laptop or mobile device and delivers the CPM insights you need right to your fingertips.

Built-in Collaboration and Workflow Tools.

When it comes to collaboration, our process cockpit and workflow engine give you real-time visibility into processes.

15aTogether, these collaboration tools improve control and empower users to work together seamlessly.

What's more, our data entry forms are easy-to-use, and they have true driver-based functionality.What-if Analysis.CCH Tagetik allows you to play out what-ifs so you can see how varied performance or strategic drivers can impact the bottom line.You have the flexibility to change any assumption and automatically view the impact on your P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements.


Paint a picture of performance.

CCH Tagetik has reporting options for every need: actionable operational reports, interactive dashboards, and even innovative geo-mapping visualizations.Real-time Data.Gauge the impacts of change as they happen.

CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana uses a live connection to bring in data bundled in the SAP analytics cloud.

20aWhen you update your CCH Tagetik data or metadata structures, you'll instantly see the results.Automation.

Reduce human effort -and human errors.

Our solution allows you to navigate according to any dimension and generate automatic forecasts to shave days off your planning cycle.

Forecasting.Better predict the future.

Our statistical engine helps your direct business decisions by generating predictions of future risks that could petentially impact the bottom line.Data Drill-down.Go deep.

Our geo-maps help you investigate anomalies across your organization.

With a click of a button, you can drill down into details of your findings to learn more.Native Integration with Microsoft Office.

Use the reporting tools you already know.

Our native integration with MS Word and PowerPoint helps you complete the last mile of reporting.

Users can collaborate on financial statements, budget and board books, and incorporate the use of dynamic objects for data visualizations and supporting narrative.Make implementation a breeze.

We've successfully implemented CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA for many customers.

27aWhat's more? We're flexible.

You can deploy the solution on-premise or on the cloud.Get SAP Hana Ready for the Long Haul Our co-innovator relationship ensures commitment to further innovation.

You can rest assured that our roadmap is long-term, so you'll be ready for the future as it evolves.

It's time for finance to show the power of its invaluable insights by using smart technologies.

29aThe SAP cloud platform is the fundamental foundation for your intelligent enterprise.

Get the visibility, focus, and agility you need to work better, faster and more efficiently than ever before.CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana is available on the SAP app center for purchase today.
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